OPTIMA Total Care

Life Cycle Based Services at a Glance

With its new Optima Total Care portfolio, Optima pushes service to a new level. Service in each phase of the machine life cycle supports production efficiency.
OPTIMA Total Care
OPTIMA Total Care

Project Phase

OPTIMA Total Care - Project Phase

Installation & Start up

With services in the first project phase that include the integrated 3D planning and sophisticated move-in concept, simulation of a factory acceptance test, fine adjustments during the installation, basic training for the operators and commissioning and start-up support - Total Care provides the basis for perfect processes. 

Qualification Support

Optima Total Care supports qualification according to standards such as GMP. IQ/OQ tests as well as re-qualifications, for example, modifications and upgrades are made easier by Optima service.

Instruction & Training

After the basic training and during the test and installation phase, the next training level is kicked-off. During individual training, Optima trainers provide in-depth expertise for operators, technicians and experts. A state-of-the-art virtual reality system supports comprehension in accordance with customer requirements and machine specifications.

Ramp-up Phase

OPTIMA Total Care - Ramp-up Phase

Calibration Service

Long-term production reliability requires regular calibration of important measuring points. Quality standards are ensured through Optima service. 

Ramp-up Support

Optima Total Care means high output right from the start. The tests conducted at Optima before delivery ensure a smooth production start. Optima experts accompany the start-up phase on site to guarantee an on-time production start. 

Remote Support & Hotline

A simple call to the 24/7 Optima hotline gives customers access to an Optima expert that takes care of machine faults and malfunctions. To ensure the fastest possible service, Optima support staff is able to access the machine remotely via VPN. This remote maintenance service minimizes costly production losses.

Spare Part Service

By proving spare part kits, wear parts are always available. Optima Total Care ensures the systematic classification of the spare parts. 

Production Phase


Easy change of format parts is guaranteed for operators of Optima machines. Optima service delivers new, individually developed format parts quickly and provides support during installation and software adaptation.

Personal On-Site Support

The intensive Optima Total Care is available upon request around the clock. Many Optima experts are often more familiar with the customers' production facilities than their own living room. They will provide production support for several weeks or if necessary, act as an embedded engineer for several years. Optima’s engineers optimize processes, help to manage production peaks and provide operators with valuable hands-on experience.

Maintenance Service

Whether reactive, preventive, condition-oriented or anticipatory – Optima Total Care provides the right maintenance plan. In addition to repairs, the maintenance service includes analyses and the optimization of processes. Software platforms such as TCAM and WEmaintain support this effectively.

Process & Efficiency Optimization

Can it be better? The basis for continuous process optimization are monitoring, error, OEE analyzes and audits. Production data management with the OPAL system allows sustainable performance increases.

Retrofit & Upgrades

To meet tomorrow’s requirements upgrading and improving existing machines extends the life cycle and improves profitability. Starting with the feasibility analysis and ending with Optima Total Care ensures competitiveness well into the future.


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