October 18, 2018

OPTIMA pharma now part of the expert platform LyoHUB

Professional exchanges between freeze-drying experts are a regular feature of LyoHUB. Optima Pharma has been a member of the US-based international organization since July.

The company has joined the international consortium for freeze-drying innovations

Optima Pharma has been a member of the international organization LyoHUB since July 2018. This platform is exclusively dedicated to industrial pharmaceutical freeze drying. As a member of this platform, Optima Pharma is joining forces with other companies to work on the future of freezedrying processes. The benefits of close collaboration between experts are particularly apparent when it comes to processes as complex as pharmaceutical freeze drying.


LyoHUB pursues long-term goals. Its main focus is on driving forward innovations in freeze-drying technology and making it an economically attractive option. It is also important to those involved to develop norms and standardizations for freeze-drying systems in cooperation with ASTM International (American Society for Testing Materials) and to introduce these at a global level. Further aims are to train end users and to draw up and publish guidelines for different areas of freeze drying.

Expert collaboration and institutionalized communication, often beyond corporate boundaries, is essential when it comes to playing a decisive role in shaping future developments. It was on the basis of this conviction that LyoHUB was established in the USA in 2014 as an industry-driven consortium. A true innovation, given that the communication between users, system manufacturers, and universities with the aim of developing specific solutions had been sporadic up to that point.

Members of LyoHUB include suppliers of freeze-drying components, manufacturers of freeze-drying systems and measurement technology, as well as software companies and pharmaceutical companies. The initiative to found LyoHUB came from Purdue University in the USA. Optima's freeze-drying experts are already in close contact with LyoHUB and various members.

Innovations in pharmaceutical freeze drying: Optima Pharma is now part of the international consortium LyoHUB.
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