December 18, 2018

Looking back – OPTIMA at All4Pack in Paris

In most cases, visitors came to Optima’s booth at All4Pack to talk about specific projects. Optima secured many new contacts.

Flexibility is more important than ever

Optima secured a lot of new contacts at All4Pack 2018. The flexible machine solutions were in particular demand at the trade fair. Visitors were also impressed by the filling machines for milk powder and the InlineCan, which recently won an award.

Modular packaging machines and flexible packaging processes are in higher demand than ever before – this is the conclusion Optima took away from All4Pack 2018 in Paris. This doesn’t just apply to cosmetic products, which already have their own starring role due to their variety in packaging design. Nowadays, the same requirements also apply in the food and chemicals industries, as well as for portion packaging. This is why leading solutions, such as the MODULINE by Optima, met with such keen interest from the trade fair visitors.
The InlineCan, which just recently received the German Packaging Award 2018, also attracted a great deal of attention. The welldesigned and eye-catching cardboard can can hold powdered and granulated products, which are packaged in protective gas if necessary. This also makes it suitable for products as sensitive as coffee or tobacco. InlineCan is also set apart by the fact that it saves the customer a huge amount in logistics costs and considerably reduces their impact on the environment. The filler manufactures the InlineCans themselves from the roll and then fills them inline right away, eliminating the need to transport empty containers.
Optima’s filling machines for milk powder, which reduce product losses to a minimum, also went down extremely well. On these machines, the filling parameters can be adjusted perfectly to comply with the legal requirements prescribed by different countries, such as China. Combined with the especially compact sealing modules, this results in exceptionally efficient complete solutions.
Although the number of visitors had slightly declined, the contacts Optima secured at All4Pack were of excellent quality. 41% of them were new prospective customers, which is very good news, while around 30% wanted to discuss new, specific projects. Interestingly, a large number of visitors from North Africa came to Optima’s booth with queries.

Optima made waves at All4Pack in Paris with the InlineCan. It was only in fall that the innovative cardboard packaging received the German Packaging Award 2018.

At All4Pack, it was clear to see that flexible machine solutions such as the OPTIMA MODULINE are on-trend. The OPTIMA MODULINE is suitable for use in the cosmetics, food, and chemicals industries – for both liquid and powdered products.
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